Hey, my name is 

Jillian Funes.

Technical Product Manager. Ex-Software Engineer.

Making products people love makes me happy.

about me


Hi there! I’m a technical product manager with a decade of experience in the tech industry. My passion lies in creating things that people genuinely love and that spark excitement. I thrive on creativity and problem-solving, and I’m naturally drawn to the intersecting worlds of technology, design, and marketing.

I’m currently the TPM of the growth team at a series A B2B SaaS fintech startup focusing on bringing new and differentiating products to life and refining our overall strategy, messaging, and roadmap. 
I spent my first 9 years in tech as a full-stack software engineer, where I’ve had the opportunity to own every stage of the software lifecycle, from solution ideation to UI/UX design and system/database design. Along the way, I’ve led projects, dipped my toes in people management, and even co-founded a startup.
I value collaboration and have had extensive experience working cross-functionally leading teams and projects to bring new products to market. I enjoy taking a customer-centric approach, diving deep into their pain points, and using my analytical background and skills to come up with innovative solutions that excite them.

Let’s Talk!

I am always open to connect with people in tech, learn more about product management, and discuss navigating this rewarding career path.